Dual Enrollment Credit Information

How to Get Your Dual Enrollment Credits Transferred to Your College

If you took dual enrollment/college classes in high school, you will want to make sure that your credits transfer to the college that you are attending. If you took KVCC classes and are enrolling at KVCC, you do not need to do anything. Similarly, if you took Thomas classes and are enrolling at Thomas, you do not need to do anything. Otherwise, there is a process for requesting your transcript that you will need to follow to get an official transcript sent to your college.

1. First, get the address for the registrar’s office at the college you plan to attend.

2. For KVCC classes you must fill out a Request for Academic Transcript form and submit with your payment ($3.00 for each transcript). You can go to the Enrollment Services Center in the Frye Building at the Fairfield campus, send in the form with your payment, or fax the form and arrange payment by phone. To get the form online (PDF download) click here, or just enter transcript request in the search box of KVCC’s home page (www.kvcc.me.edu). Follow the instructions on the form for mailing and payment information. If you have questions you can call the Enrollment Services Center at 453-5822.

For Thomas College classes you need to order a transcript online through Scrip-Safe. Click here, or just enter “transcript request” in the search box at www.thomas.edu. You will need to have the email address of a person who will receive the transcript at the college you are planning to attend. There is no fee for electronic delivery and a $2.00 charge for a paper copy to be sent. Otherwise, you can go in to the Registrar’s Office at Thomas College, which is located in the main Administration Building. If you choose the latter, you will be charged $8.00 and a paper copy will be sent. Call the registrar’s office at 859-1108 if you have questions.