Plagiarism Procedures

Lawrence High School
Plagiarism Procedures

Instructional Component

The English department in SAD #49 is committed to instruction that guides students in using their own language in written communication. The teachers use different methodologies to educate students in the following skills: paraphrasing, summarizing, making commentaries, and using direct quotation. Direct instruction is applied in the classroom setting to establish skills so that students can approach researched writings without presenting someone else's thoughts as their own. These teachings are applied in order to avoid the act of plagiarism.



Plagiarism is defined as the "false assumption of authorship: the wrongful act of taking the product of another person's mind and presenting it as one's own" (Gibaldi and Achter 3). Plagiarism may take the form of repeating someone else's sentences as one's own, adopting a particularly apt phrase as one's own, paraphrasing someone else's argument as one's own, or even presenting someone else's line of thinking in the development of a thesis as though it were one's own. In short, to plagiarize is to give the impression that one has written or thought something that one has in fact borrowed ffom another. Although a writer may use other people's words or thoughts, the writer must acknowledge those words with a citation (Gibaldi and Achter 3-4). Students also need to be aware that any use of or purchase of a paper that did not originate with them is a blatant means of plagiarism.




Plagiarism could occur in the following types of papers (subject to all grade levels):

1. Expository pieces where research is required            5. Research papers

2. Book reviews                                                           6. I-Search papers

3. Career Reports.                                                        7. Socratic dialogues 

4. Critiques (of any kind/subject)                                   8. Miscellaneous Reports


A student will be subject to the following consequences when part of or all of a document is plagiarized:


1st Offense

1. When a student has plagiarized, the teacher will go over with that student what has constituted the

Plagiarism, and then the student may have the following options:

A. rewrite the paper within one week's time;

B. write an entirely different paper within one week's time;

C. receive a 0 on the paper.

II. When it is found that a student has passed in a paper that did not originate with him/her, that student will receive a 0 for the paper.

*The parent or guardian who signed the form will be notified by certified letter.

Subsequent offenses

When a student has plagiarized on a subsequent paper-whether it be in the same school year or accumulative in a student's four years at Lawrence High School (a file will be kept in an administrator's office for any and all writings found to be plagiarized)-the student win receive a Q for the paper.


*The parent or guardian who signed the form will be notified by certified letter.


Appeals: All appeals will be made to the high-school administrator in charge of such cases within three days of notification of the plagiarism offense.














All students will read this policy and sign one copy to indicate that they understand the consequences for plagiarism-this practice will be done at the beginning of each of the student's years at Lawrence High School. A parent or guardian will also read and sign this policy so that that parent or guardian is aware that there is a plagiarism policy here at Lawrence High School.


I have read the Lawrence High School procedures on plagiarism and understand that plagiarism is stealing and will result in the consequences outlined above.


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