Mr. Firmage

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Mr. Firmage

Mr. Firmage

Hours of Availability: After school each day

Mission/Teaching Philosophy: As a graduate of Lawrence High School, I am grateful for the lessons and opportunities which were provided to me by dedicated and caring teachers and I love having the opportunity to pass some of that on to today's generation.

Bio: Mr. Firmage graduated from Lawrence High School before attending the University of Dallas and Brigham Young University where he studied History and Spanish.  He lived in Southern California for two years where he did missionary work with Latin Americans.  Mr. Firmage has lived in Arkansas, Texas, California, Utah and has traveled to various Latin American Countries.  He is rated at a Proficiency Level of Advanced in Spanish by the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language. He currently serves as the Chair of World Languages Department.  He resides locally with his wife and four children.

Message to Students/Parents: Spanish at Lawrence High School is a course which centers on communication.  Using all four modes of communication we teach students about the culture of Latin America and the essentials of present tense language communication.  I truly enjoy the challenge of teaching a foreign language and I am always available should questions arise.  Feel free to contact me at

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